Number line

Given 84 seeds, students determine how to put the same number of seeds in each pot.

Students determine how many packages of twelve crayon boxes the class needs for a year.

Students determine if Amy will get the same total of pom-poms whether she buys packages of four pompoms or packages of seven pompoms.

Given twenty goldfish and four fish tanks, students determine if there is an odd or even number of fish in each tank.

Given the amount of cans of paint on two shelves, student determine how many cans of paint are on the third shelf.

Given a total of 14 lemons, students determine if Mary has enough lemons to make two glasses of lemonade.

Students determine how many balloons Betty has left after giving some to Ben.

Students determine how many pink shells Kim found on the beach.

Students determine how many plastic dinosaurs Danny has left after he gives some to a friend.

Students determine if Riley read 17 pages in her book.


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