Students determine which calling plan is the most cost effective for Sarah to keep in touch with her friends from soccer camp.

Given a number of jelly beans in a bowl, students determine how to share the jelly beans among three friends equally.

Students determine if four children can share the money in Grandfather's wallet equally.

Students determine how many packages of twelve crayon boxes the class needs for a year.

Rounding to the nearest 10, students determine how many insects are let go from glass jars.

Given 84 seeds, students determine how to put the same number of seeds in each pot.

Given a total of 14 lemons, students determine if Mary has enough lemons to make two glasses of lemonade. (0-14)

Students determine how many balloons Betty has left after giving some to Ben. (0-14)

Given three sets of numbers, students determine the total number of birds that come to a birdbath. (0-20)

Students determine if Riley read 17 pages in her book. (0-17)


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