Students determine which calling plan is the most cost effective for Sarah to keep in touch with her friends from soccer camp.

Students determine how many packages of twelve crayon boxes the class needs for a year.

Students determine how many pencils Mrs. P will need to order for next year's class.

Given twenty goldfish and four fish tanks, students determine if there is an odd or even number of fish in each tank.

Students count to answer how many sneakers are worn by four friends.

Given a cost per pair of skateboard wheels, students determine how much money is needed to buy 846 skateboard wheels.

Students determine how many tiles Mr. Gomez needs to make a tile border along his kitchen walls.

Students count the number of legs on three spiders and six ladybugs.

Students determine whether or not Mike found ten marbles.

Students count to determine the number of raisin eyes needed for six gingerbread men.


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