Students determine how many of Taylor's beads are blue. (Subtraction, 0-10)

Students determine how many miles a teacher rides her motorcycle to school and back home again. Students also determine if the teacher stays within her gas budget if she rides to school and back five days a week for four weeks.

Students determine how many friends Jane can make celery sticks with peanut butter for.

Given 84 seeds, students determine how to put the same number of seeds in each pot.

Given a number of boxes put in a truck, students determine how many more boxes need to be put in the truck.

Students determine if Ben and Jill have the same amount of ladybugs and crickets in their jars.

Students determine how many more dinosaur books are needed for a total of ten books.

Students determine how many more pictures need to be drawn, when given a number of animal pictures.

Students determine how many crackers are left on a plate after five crackers have been eaten. (Subtraction, 0-10)

Students determine the number of fish that are caught when each friend catches their three fish limit.


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