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Based on 21st century science skills, Exemplars has developed rich investigations for K–8. Tasks focus on scientific investigation and inquiry linked to Earth and Space Science, Physical Science, Life Science and Science Perspectives.

Find hands-on investigations to enrich instruction and assessment. Tasks may be searched for by Content Standards, Big Ideas, Inquiry Process and Design Technology Skills and Math Concepts.

Planning Sheets accompany each investigation, providing the Time Required, Big Ideas, Content Standards, Inquiry Process and Design Technology Skills addressed as well as the Context, Suggested Materials, Teaching Tips, Guiding Questions, and Solution for each task.

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Exemplars science tasks are designed to help students develop their conceptual understanding while utilizing the skills of inquiry, engineering, and communication. They may be used for instruction, exploration, formative assessment and summative assessment.

Each task includes detailed teaching notes to support lesson planning and guide the instruction and assessment process.

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Task-specific assessment notes and annotated student anchor papers are provided for each task. Anchor papers demonstrate student work at the performance levels of Exemplars assessment rubric.

Exemplars assessment rubric provides teachers with clear guidelines for evaluating students' understanding and providing meaningful feedback. Rubrics are included for both teachers and students.

For each grade span, K–2, 3–5, 6–8, we’ve picked a total of 9 sample science investigations for you to check out. These are the same, complete performance tasks that subscription users have.

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