Students determine how many band-aids were in a box to start with after the school nurse used 43 of them.

Given scientific data that shows how much two bamboo plants have grown over seven days, student make observations and record their thinking using equality and inequality symbols.

Students determine how many packages of twelve crayon boxes the class needs for a year.

Students determine how many pink shells Kim found on the beach.

Students determine how many nuts Sam the squirrel hides under a rock.

Given a cost per pair of skateboard wheels, students determine how much money is needed to buy 846 skateboard wheels.

Students count the number of legs on three spiders and six ladybugs.

Students find the total number of legs on 8 cows and 10 chickens.

Students determine if there is the same total number of cars and trucks on the shelves.

Students determine the best combinations of students for three crab walk relay teams so that the teams are as equally matched as possible.

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