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1 Plan

Exemplars tasks are uniquely created for the Common Core. Material aligns to the Standards for Mathematical Content and Mathematical Practice.

Find open-ended math tasks for classroom instruction, exploration or assessment (Spanish translations are available). Our problems naturally elicit the Mathematical Practices.

Print and review Preliminary Planning Sheets for each task. This useful guide outlines math vocabulary, concepts, solutions and strategies for every problem.

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2 Instruct

Exemplars instructional tasks are differentiated at 3 entry points. These may also be used as a formative assessment tool.

There are 4 or more instructional tasks for each applicable Common Core standard.

3 Assess

Summative assessment tasks include anchor papers and scoring rationales that demonstrate student work in accordance with the 4 performance levels of Exemplars assessment rubric.

Exemplars rubrics provide clear guidelines for evaluating student work. Our assessment rubric supports the Standards for Mathematical Practice, and our interactive scoring tutorial helps teachers hone their skills.

For each grade level (K–5), we’ve picked sample tasks from one Common Core Content Standard for you to check out. These are the same, complete tasks that subscription users have.

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